First impressions …

A clean, well maintained lawn makes a great first impression! By keeping your lawn maintained and free of weeds, you will increase your property value and curb appeal!



Protecting Your Lawn with Turf Management Programs

Turf Management Programs are based on a thorough inspection of your property. These are seasonal programs which ensure the best results. Timed applications throughout the growing season promote healthy growth of turf and suppress weeds. These include fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, post emergent broad leaf weed control as well as iron and limestone applications. Preventative fungicide and grub control applications are available based on an analysis of your turf needs. Grub treatments will greatly reduce the possibility of damage to your lawn by unseen grubs.

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Core Aeration and Seeding

Warm season turf requires aeration is early summer to promote optimal growth. Tall fescue lawns require aeration and seeding in the fall to thicken the summer grass..